Smoke test

A smoke test to be will be performed on Oct. 18 in the town to check for any leaks in the water systems that could be costing taxpayers.

As part of the New York State rural water association and waste water department agreement (NYSRWA) the test for sanitary sewer leak smoke test in Champlain Park has been approved by the town board to see where storm water and surface water is entering the water treatment system.

“The intention of the test is to locate and identify a source of infiltration, to determine repair and replacement needs and institute future maintenance schedules that will save taxpayers and the town money,” Bernard Bassett, Town Supervisor said. “The rural water association has agreed to assist water and waste water department at no cost to the town of Plattsburgh or the water and waste water department to conduct a smoke test in the Champlain Park sewer district.”

The smoke to be used in the test is a non-toxic, dry, smoke manufactured specifically for the purpose of testing sewer lines. It will not leave a residue, stain or have any effect on plant or wildlife. It has a distinct odor and the visibility that should dissipate within a few minutes.

If traces of smoke or its odor enter a home this is an indication that odor from the sewer system may also be entering the home, a potential health hazard.

“One of the beauties of this for our residents is the test has the potential to surface any leaks in the system that might be bringing noxious odors back into the home which would be something otherwise causing headaches or any number of things we have related to that invisible odor. We certainly hope not, but we should be able to gather more information for the residents,” Bassett said.

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