No longer America’s Fort

And last but not least is Mario, a re-enactor from New York who states there are two groups of re-enactors, while he is right about two groups he is wrong about which two groups. The first group is the military groups: your British soldiers and your French soldiers their gear costs about $4,000 and they all look the same. The second group is everyone else: Militia, Native Americans. Sutlers etc.

As I was waiting to be seated at a local restaurant the other night I saw many people there that had been at the seminars at the fort all day.I looked at these people closely and something shocked me. They didn’t seem to be the average, every day person. I realized then what this whole thing about only certain re-enactors were wanted (Group One ) at the fort. Its all about money. The man from Virginia also stated in his letter that Fort Ti was America’s Fort. While it might have been America’s Fort in the past it isn’t now. Now it’s certain Americans’ Fort. It is not the common man’s fort (Group Two, common men portraying common men) just the people with money fort. How sad is that? I had not seen things this way at first because it is a completely foreign way of thinking for me. I have more than some and less than some and could not care less about it. It amazes me that in this day and age this still happens.

At last year’s group meeting to discuss which re-enactments we would go to we had about 70 we could go to. In the area there is Crown Point, Hubberton , Independence, Sturbridge Village . We have a good reputation and always get asked back... what some people need to realize is we are volunteers, we pay our own way, we ask nothing. We do this for the love of history, our history. I must say it has been an honor and a privilege to portray living history at the Great Fort Ticonderoga. Maybe one day we will be back.

Jeanette Siatkowski, Tannersville

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