No longer America’s Fort

To the Times of Ti:

Finally, something in the paper about Fort Ti that wasn’t all perfect and made everything seem so rosy which it isn’t. I was there for breakfast two weekends ago. I felt like I was at a funeral and not the usual happy place with happy workers and vibrant music playing. The times they are a changing. And not in a good way.

There were six letters written about the fort and the re-enactors recently and the one thing we all have in common is the love of history, American history. The three fellows that sent letters in response to my last letter all wrote about change.

The gentleman from New Mexico mentioned the weather being bad for the F and I (French and Indian War) re-enactment in June and that could be the reason for the small turnout. Re-enactors are a hearty group, we pack many changes of clothes and footwear for all kinds of weather conditions. If you remember the 250th anniversary of the French and Indian War a few years back you will remember the worst rain I have seen in years. We were soaked, our canvass was soaked. We have learned to be prepared for anything. Too hot, too cold, too wet. We adapt. The running joke is “they had bad weather in the 18th century.”

As for being proactive, after seeing the writing on the wall following the low turnout for the June event, I met the head of the (Ticonderoga) chamber of commerce and volunteered to help him with whatever he needed help with as far as trying to bring money into the community. I have also been in contact with town supervisor’s office about the same thing. Remember, I live here part time. I care about the area.

The gentleman from Virginia who is involved with history and museums, want a job? Come on up, have a chat with HR at the fort. But those restaurants you went to on your last visit to the area may not be around, God willing they will be.

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