Board removes winning boys coach

Shaughnessy replaced with part-time phys ed teacher

— Shaughnessy said he was very excited this season to coach a team that he's sure will go far. “It's a possibly history-making team,” he said.

Shauhnessy said he’s coached the members of the current varsity team for years — he can remember some of them from summer and intermural games he helped coach.

“I'm disappointed, but what are you going to do? You've got to stay positive,” he said.

Though state law dictates that a coaching position must go to a state-certified teacher before it's offered to non teachers, Shaughnessy holds a professional coaching license. This should place him on equal footing with a certified teacher, according to the “School Law Handbook” from the NYS Bar Association and NYS School Boards Association.

Shaughnessy said he still hopes that he'll get a chance to resume his position.

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Localreader 3 years, 10 months ago

I am sure there are good reasons they are dismissing this coach. We probably won't know them, but you can be sure there are integrity issues. Also, winning doesn't mean you are a good coach. I have seen the team many times NOT play anywhere near their potential.


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