Point was not an appeal

To the Valley News:

The Valley News is the best source of information, news, local events, and reports that our community has, relies upon and needs. It is as accurate and responsible as possible, and editors are non-biased and fair. It may also be the only source for those of us who may not have unlimited access to electronic media. We are all informed as published, the notice of a timeline for election letters. My last letter was obviously NOT related to candidates NOR elections, therefore approved and published.

To be perfectly clear, I submitted NO voter appeal letter NOR a follow-up to one. My first submission was an observation about questionable ethical behavior by the Elizabethtown Board and Supervisor toward an outstanding member of our community. It had nothing whatsoever to do with candidates. Included was an opinion about the comment sessions at public town meetings.

Councilman Ken Fennimore followed with his own FALSE statements concerning these two points.

My response letter was addressed DIRECTLY to Councilman Fennimore and a QUOTE (Not my words). It contained NO accusations; “smear” is absurd. This response letter is solely to object to Councilman Fennimore’s fabricated excuses on these two points. I also referred him, and anyone, to the RECORD for the facts, and to draw upon it for the truth.

My final comment is a suggestion that if Councilman Fennimore has objections to my legal address, he is free to take issue with the United States Postal Service.

Barbara Dunsmore


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