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Mooers, a terrible place to live according to some; this must explain why Mooers had the highest population growth rate in the country in the 2010 census.

Claims about salary, just maybe overtime plays a part in that, or maybe some feel public employees should work all overtime for free. A property that seems to be the focus of great issue was bought for five hundred dollars and was allowed to be converted to a single-family residence, with no review required, by zoning law, however, the owners wanted to convert to something much more profitable, multi-unit apartment, on a property that is 15 percent of the minimum lot size required by zoning, which was denied by the CC Planning Department; at the same time the town was battling a similar situation 1000 ft down the road with raw sewage on top of the ground that took two years to resolve.

Facts and truth apparently don’t apply; never one complete or correct application, remodeling a property without a permit ever being issued to do so, moving a tenant into this property without a permit or certificate of occupancy ever being issued resulting in a court action to remove the tenant. (Apparently, this was the town’s fault!!) A request for a sign, listed on application for a business property which is allowed by zoning, while the actual intent was for a billboard adjacent to a state highway, which is not allowed by NYS. (Apparently, this was the town’s fault!!)

Quote”In past years, local officials placed a restriction on certain types of businesses (for example, campgrounds) with little of no research to support this decision. These restrictions help eliminate possible competition for businesses owned by some of the town officials.”

Facts and truth apparently don’t apply, again; this particular section of zoning has never been changed, along with many other parts, since zoning was adopted; which was before my time in office.

I have never been a member of the planning board, voting or otherwise. I attended many meetings; all these meetings are open to the public for input as well; to provide the town’s position to the board members for their review and recommendation to the town board; after review by the Clinton County Planning Department and the town attorney; for adoption as a local law.

Rudy Miller


Town of Mooers

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