Listen to the authority

They made a huge fuss over it, yelling and screaming and claiming that the call affected the outcome of the game. They even got their friends involved, all trying to make a point that the ref’s call was the be-all end-all of the game.

It wasn’t. The official’s decision to make the call had no impact on the game whatsoever. The officials didn’t score any goals. The officials did not put the practice time in to prepare for the games. The officials did not put the player into a position where a foul could be called that could be seen as wrong.

Yes, fans do get upset when a call does not go their way, but to use that one call to say that the entire game was thrown because of it and not look at the bigger picture is something that kids do when they don’t get their way, not adults. It makes people look immature, irresponsible and as if they want to blame everything else except what most likely really happened — the one team was just better than yours on that day.

It’s a life lesson that can be applied in a lot of other situations, as well.

Keith Lobdell is the editor of the Valley News. He can be reached at keith@denpubs.com.

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