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Nobody goes into the holiday season wanting to gain five to 10 pounds of unwanted weight, however, most people do. The average person gains between seven to 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. So, do you have a plan to battle the bulge this holiday season? Well, if you want to avoid unwanted holiday weight gain, I strongly suggest you make a plan!

Write it down, and place it somewhere that you will see it constantly throughout the day. Plan to eat healthy most of the time. When you are at a party or dinner engagement, allow yourself to enjoy the food and/or drink, but in moderation don’t stuff yourself until you feel like your going to pop. Then, when it’s all over, it’s over. Resume your healthy eating. Keep the cookies and pies out of the house and off your desk! You don’t have to resist temptation if it is not there, right? If there are cookies and treats at the office or everywhere you look, reach for a piece of fruit or a cup of unsweetened herbal tea to help ease the urge of mindless snacking.

If you are truly hungry, eat a healthy meal or snack. Otherwise, stay away! Know that you can have a treat at the office party or at Thanksgiving dinner but that’s it. You won’t be depriving yourself, just limiting your treats to a couple of nights instead of everyday from Thanksgiving until New Year’s.

Also, even though it is a busy time of year, you should still try to find time to fit in exercise. You don’t have to dedicate and hour or more to the gym. You can get a sufficient total body workout in about 20 minutes. Only have 10 minutes until dinner is ready? Get in 10 minutes, anything is better than nothing. You can even break it up throughout the day. Get in 10 minutes first thing in the morning, 10 minutes at lunch, and 10 minutes in the evening.

Not only is it easier to fit into your schedule, you will get a metabolism boost from working out multiple times throughout the day. So this holiday season, remember your goals, and stick to them. You will come out happier, stronger, and have more energy from making healthier lifestyle choices.

Corinna Maggy is a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist offering private personal training, classes, and weight management programs. She can be reached at 605-3549 or corinnamaggy@yahoo.com.

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