Turning Back The Pages

Hill was arrested at Horicon a few years ago for the murder of Amasa Mead at Chestertown, years before, but there was not sufficient evidence to hold him.

Pain drives man to suicide

Alexander Van Pomer, 55, committed suicide Nov. 17, 1911 by hanging himself with a steel wire wrapped around a beam in a barn at his home in Fort Edward.

A few weeks ago, Van Pomer had a tooth extracted in Albany and since than his jaw has bothered him, driving him crazy with pain. Portions of the jaw had been cut away. He was discovered shortly before breakfast by his wife who went to call him.

Alexander Van Pomer was the father of John Van Pomer, the Fort Edward aeroplane inventor.

Tree came crashing down

Charles Morehouse of North Thurman was struck on the shoulder and arm by a falling tree Nov. 17, 1911 and was painfully injured. Morehouse and Bert Bills were cutting down a tree on the Meadowbrook Stock Farm and in falling it lodged in a pine tree adjoining. When Morehouse tried to dislodge it a heavy limb on the pine broke off and struck his shoulder. Had it struck him six inches higher there is no doubt that it would have killed him, but as it was he was laid up for only a few days.

Six days of agony

Edwin Upton of Warrensburgh, who recently lost a valuable beagle hound while hunting in the northern part of town, found the animal Nov. 18, 1911 with one of its front legs caught in a steel trap. The poor beast’s limb was terribly lacerated and it must have endured excruciating agony during the six-day period of its imprisonment.

Upton brought the dog home and has since given it the tenderest of care. Dr. Pitcher dressed the wound and is confident that with Upton’s faithful co-operation he will be able to save the injured leg and restore its usefulness.

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