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The pepper ‘Cayennetta’ is supposed to be excellent tasting mildly spicy pepper that is very easy to grow. This 3 to 4-inch chili pepper yielded bigger fruits from a very well branched upright plant. It required no staking which makes it a great candidate for container or patio gardens. Unique to this variety, bred by Floranova Ltd., is that it has good cold tolerance as well as dense foliage cover to protect the fruits from sun scorch and it handled extreme heat very well.

The last, but not least, new variety selected for an award this year was the water melon ‘Faerie.’ Bred by You-Know Seed Company, ‘Faerie’ is a non-traditional watermelon in that it has a creamy yellow rind with thin stripes yet still yields sweet pink-red flesh with a high sugar content and crisp texture. Home gardeners who like growing something unique in their garden will enjoy the fact that the vines are vigorous yet spread only to 11’ means it takes up less space in the garden. Each 7-8” fruit weighs only four to six pounds making it a perfect family size melon. This is one selection I might have to try next year as it is also an early maturing variety!

Anne Lenox Barlow is a professional horticulturist who enjoys gardening with her family in Plattsburgh. She also chronicles her gardening experiences at her blog www.northcountrygarden.wordpress.com. She can be reached at a.lenox.barlow@gmail.com.

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