Guardians of the Ribbon appreciated

In 2010, Jim Garrant of West Chazy set off on a mission: to start a chapter of Guardians of the Ribbon, the Northern New York State Chapter.

It’s a nonprofit organization of men and women to inspire people of all ages to support the women fighting cancer in their community. The Guardians of the Ribbon, dress in pink fire suits and drive their pink fire trucks.

The group is run and operated by Jim Garrant of West Chazy; he is the chapter’s president. He is selflessly helped with all he does by his volunteers, they care enough to wear pink. They put our women in our community first in the battle against cancer by doing parades and other events.

I’m writing today to say thank you, to you and all your helpers. Jimmy. What you and team do makes you a local hero in my books; you and your group of men and women are a real standout in this community. You are a cut above the rest.

I hope the work you’re doing does not stop here; may it grow and expand to the best it can be. I know when I see the pink fire truck driving down the road, I know who it is. I know what they are doing. That makes me feel good about living in a small town; you have our backs, not just me but anyone.

I hope as people read this they think about what they can do to help. If anyone has any questions, wants to help and or donate, please contact them on the group’s Facebook page at Guardians of The Ribbon - Northern New York State Chapter.

Thank you, Jimmy, and all the Guardians nationwide. Your work is thankless; may you and your local team grow to new heights, and may I help when I am able.

Eric Jock


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