Crown Point residents: It’s time to mend fences


And, while it is too late to reverse the assessor vote, it appears the group will hold a voting majority on the board.

Now it is time to move on — because the town needs it.

From verbal to physical assaults to spreading rumors to reports of running one another off the road and even gunfire, this issue has divided the otherwise tranquil lakeside community in a near Hatfield vs. Mccoy feud.

But this isn’t West Virginia, and the year isn’t 1878.

This squabble has disrupted town business, it has pitted friends and neighbors against one another. It has wasted town and personal resources that could have been better spent on making the community stronger.

Further, it has put the town — with all it has to offer — in a negative light to tourists, passersby and those who also might someday call Crown Point home.

That furthers the agenda of no one.

In a letter to this newspaper, Crown Point resident Kathy Caswell probably said it best when she said the taunts and signs degrade all Crown Point residents and “make us look ignorant to those who are passing through.”

Caswell urged her fellow Crown Pointers to follow the lead set by the sign at The Frenchman’s Restaurant which reads “Treat our neighbors with respect.”

The people have spoken, the electoral process has worked. Now it is time to again treat one another with respect.

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