Supervisors upset over what they felt was slow vote count

Plead to go back to phone calls

— Sherman also said that errors in a phone call could lead to suspicion.

“When people see that they have a certain number of votes and then those votes either gain or disappear, then they become suspicious,” Sherman said. “Do you prefer to have inaccurate results or accurate. The ones on the website are unofficial, but they are 100 percent accurate.”

Sherman also said the board was continuing to train inspectors to be more capable of reading the machines.

“We changed our training style this year and the inspectors like the style of training, but it is one step at a time,” Sherman said about the new voting equipment. “The more election districts that they have, the more nervous they can get. Over time they will get better and more familiar with reading the tapes, but they are just not there yet.”

Wilmington Supervisor Randy Preston agreed with the assessment.

“It seems to me that it was the process that was the problem,” Preston said. “I know what I witnessed was an unfamiliarity with what was playing out.”

“The tapes that come out of those machines are not really self-defining,” Keene Supervisor William Ferebee said.

St. Armand Supervisor Joyce Morency and Schroon Supervisor Cathy Moses also said that they would like to see results faster.

David Blades offered that the board try having election call-ins in 2012 to see if the process would work.

“What you are hearing is that the supervisors would like to see the results quicker,” Blades said. “If we try it and it works, great. But if it doesn’t, then we move on.”

“I don’t understand why the inspectors from each district can’t call the town hall and give the unofficial results,” Moriah Supervisor Tom Scozzafava said.

Douglas said that he did not feel like he received an answer as to why the phone system was no longer being used.

“There has to be a better reason than what I am hearing today that these results cannot be out there until 11 p.m. or later,” Douglas said. “I am encouraging you to use the phone call system because it works. I honestly don’t care what every other county or town is doing. We can speed things up with a phone call over here or where ever. Obviously mistakes can happen on a phone call, and they do happen. But the unofficial results should be quicker, not slower.”

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