Turning Back The Pages

Milton Eldridge was Warrensburgh supervisor from 1912 to 1921, having taken over the job from Dr. Alfred J. Pitcher, a veterinarian who lived on Elm St. From 1922 to 1924 he was a state Assemblyman. Eldridge was a “live wire,” a handsome and accomplished gentleman, a man born to lead, who never married and was very popular here in his hometown.)

The rough house blues

Fred L. Hamilton of Warrensburgh went on another rampage Sunday night, Nov. 12, 1911 and started a rough house at his home on Main St. After a struggle he was subdued by his son and was than arrested for assault. He was given a hearing Monday morning and in consideration of an agreement on his part to pay $7 per week toward the support of his family and to keep away from them, the proceedings were suspended. Should he violate the agreement at any time he will again be arraigned to answer the charges preferred against him.

Mother Nature provides bounty

Seth Alden and George Fuller took up a bee tree from which they secured 80 pounds of honey.

Dan Doty, an Adirondack gum hunter, has finished gathering 1,300 pounds of spruce gum which he found during the summer in the Adirondack forests. The most he ever secured in one day was 30 pounds. He gets $1.50 cents a pound for his gum from druggists.

Hero saves lady from a bear

A school teacher was imprisoned in the attic of a country schoolhouse by a black bear and she was rescued by a teamster who shot the bear.

Miss Helen Cowles is the heroine of this thrilling tale and the scene of her peril and daring rescue was in the Grogan district in an isolated section between Lake George and Glens Falls. Miss Cowles went to the schoolhouse to do some special work on Saturday afternoon, Oct. 28, 1911, when the bear paid her a visit and she fled to the attic to escape his clutches. There she was imprisoned for several hours until John A. Chadwick appeared and shot the bear dead.

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