The future is dim

To the Times of Ti:

I was impressed with the wisdom of Dan Alexander when I read his viewpoint on Oct. 29. As he wrote, “This economy is a new reality.” When he wrote, “business practice have forever been changed,” I was reminded that all Hershey chocolate and all the jobs and machinery that manufacture that product are now in Mexico. Only office, workers and company officials remain in Pennsylvania. 

In another case reported in another newspaper, Oct. 29, “Whirlpool Corp Plans to cut 5,000 jobs, about 10 percent of the workforce in North America and Europe.”

Although “the future may never look like the past” I am confident that Mr. Alexander would allow me, and even welcome me as a reader, to look into the future. 

The future is dim. We may for many years into the future endure the same sad conditions we endure today. This in part is due to our government that is merely a stagnant finger pointing group of arrogant, self-styled intellectuals enjoying a luxurious life style while they accomplish nothing except animosity among themselves. 

Mine is only a grassroots belief that only the American people will save this country and save themselves. This task is difficult for so many millions of people, who  are able to live comfortably content with a job, and no concern for others. 

Adding to this difficulty a huge portion of the electorate do not understand or even comprehend what is happening to them. In recent history an entire country did not know what was happening until it was too late. This like situation occurred in Germany, prior to June 30, 1933, for on that day it was too late. In a short 24 hour period, National Socialist party officials killed 400 leading members of the only opposition party. And then there was one. 

There is no magic wand that is waved by any individual asking for unity, energy and excitement. We do however have high government officials acting like a children’s magician out of tricks. 

Delphine Knight

Huletts Landing

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