Crown Point tackles bullying

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The more one studies the issue the more complex it becomes. Bullying isn’t just the big kid stealing lunch money from the little kid and threatening to beat him up if he squeals. It is name calling, it is the fans yelling at a ref, it is the parent yelling at his child for running too slow to first base, it is the husband berating his wife with harsh words or vise versa, it is the parent going to school and demanding that they get their way using foul language and raised voices to try and intimidate a teacher or administrator. It could even be a teacher scolding a child because he tattled about a bullying situation!

Ever since Columbine, the reality of bullying has come under scrutiny from law enforcement, educational leaders, and a great variety of university studies trying to understand the problem, the implications and how to deal with it.

As a result of all this concern, a variety of programs have evolved specifically designed to deal with bullying at the school level. Our school is currently involved in such a program. It is a very complex program and it involves participation by the entire school.

The Olweus Bullying Program has the support of the school board. The end result of this program will be a safer and happier environment for all of our students, and perhaps less stress for our teachers and staff!

As mentioned before, change is never easy, and many questions are being asked about the current program. I encourage anyone with questions to contact the school to discuss the program with a member of the bullying committee, the principal or the superintendent.

Thank you for your continued support of our school!

Michael St. Pierre is president of the Crown Point Central School board of education.

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