Bridge work finally over

To the News Enterprise:

After three years of new bridges being built on the Harrington-Heath Road block in Wevertown, we finally have an end in sight.

This year was the biggest bridge, which impacted us the most being right on the corner of our property and just outside our bedroom windows. The fellows from Arch Bridge Company — Bob, Lee, Tom, Andy and Bernie — have tried very hard to make it as easy for us as possible.

We are the local traffic which was sometimes fun when trying to get to our house. The bull dozer always wins! It was amazing what you could learn to sleep through on those days when they had to start at 6 a.m.

These fellows had many obstacles to overcome in the process of building this bridge, not the least of which was an overabundance of rain. Our usual calm creek in the summer spent most of the summer raging at record highs. Hurricane Irene and then Lee put them out for almost two weeks. Then there was all the equipment break downs that were so frustrating for them.

Now it's almost finished and we'll get back our quiet country road again. Guess it'll be boring! However, for all the hard work these guys did they probably put on a few pounds with all the donuts and cookies that David Newkirk supplied them with everyday! Never heard any complaints.

Thanks guys for considering us while you did your work. You made it more pleasant for us then it might have been. Time for a block party to celebrate, well almost. The town still has to finish the littlest bridge they started last summer.

Sandy Sangster


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