Why spend on bridge

To the Valley News:

The fall budget and election time are upon us and some tough decisions have to be made. Towns and Counties are struggling to deal with a 2-percent tax levy cap on their budgets which was imposed by the State of New York. Voters are choosing the persons which will represent them at the local and county levels.

An affordable and balanced budget is not just the responsibility of elected officials. Everyone must help to avoid unnecessary expense and waste so as to be able to pay for needed services.

One such example of unnecessary expense and waste of tax dollars is the Otis Bridge fiasco in Elizabethtown. I’m told the cost of litigation, reengineering, and delay to the Essex County taxpayers is approaching $100,000. For a bridge that should have been replaced five years ago. This doesnt include the cost of the bridge. The bridge services a one mile dead end road that has been there for 90 years or more, but a nearby landowner saw an opportunity to get the road relocated and therefore enhance their personal property.

So far it’s working out well for the property owner, but the cost has been great for the taxpayer and it’s not over yet. I view this as a big waste of tax dollars which would not have happened if the property owner were thinking about the impact to their local and county neighbors.

The property owner now wants to be the town Supervisor of Elizabethtown, but it doesnt seem right and I wonder who she’ll really be representing if elected.

Michael McGinn, Elizabethtown

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