Supers move on Horace Nye

— “This will not have an impact on the 2012 budget because this is going to be a long process if we vote in favor of this,” Moriah Supervisor Thomas “Tom” Scozzafava said. “I know everything that I have read all points to the simple fact that private nursing homes want private pay. Most of our residents are Medicaid, so what is going to happen to these people. It’s a domino effect. I can think of 100 good reasons why we should not even be considering this and they are over there in the home right now. I think it’s a step in the wrong direction.”

“I see no benefit of getting rid of the nursing home if you have to attach terms and conditions to it,” Chesterfield Supervisor Gerald “Gerry” Morrow said. “I think the taxpayers of this county want to pay for a nursing home.”

“I feel that there are a lot of facts that we do not have and there will be a burden on our taxpayers either way,” Essex Supervisor Sharon Boisen said.

“Everybody generally cares about this,” North Hudson Supervisor Robert Dobie, who originally voted for the resolution in the Oct. 31 Ways and Means Committee meeting, said. “I have gone back and forth on it and I am now going to support that we keep the home.”

County Manager Daniel Palmer said that, with the resolution passed, the board would now come up with the terms and conditions of the sale that would be agreed upon by Marcus and Millichap before official advertisements were to go out for the facility.

“This is the retention of an agent,” Politi said. “We will meet with them to discuss terms and conditions that are acceptable to all of us and then move forward.”

“If they find a willing buyer for $4 million and we don’t take it, then we have to pay the commission,” Palmer said. “If they find one for $3 million and you don’t take it, then you do not have to take the commission. Broker fees will be applied if they find a willing buyer and terms.”

“If we can put conditions in the agreement that can save jobs and pay, then that would be the best of both worlds,” Crown Point Supervisor Bethany Kosmider said. “Let’s make a sound decision with the right information.”

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