Finding Your Bliss

For some, sacrificing their bliss may be worth the cost. Some will sacrifice their time with their children or spouses, giving their best energies to their work.

Each of us must define our bliss in our way. If you lose your bliss to a major life event, a death, a serious illness, a divorce or other life altering event than your grief and anger is legitimate. If you find yourself being tortured by the ill words of others around the water cooler or the baseless gossip of heartless fools, than you are giving over your bliss thoughtlessly and cheaply.

Remember, the gossipers and purveyors of meanness do not like you and probably not themselves. I suggest that unless someone lifts your wallet that you let those that would speak ill of you see that you won’t sacrifice your bliss to their cheap and thoughtless words.

Remember, all kids count.

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