Finding Your Bliss

Unknown to me and the sales team, Mark had also attempted to assassinate Tom, the current District Manger and his biggest promoter and supporter. Near the parties end, Tom presented Mark with a plastic knife and the card read, “I removed this from my back, I am pretty sure that you will need it again.”

We all laughed, including Mark, and this was an ah-ha moment for me. While Mark was being roasted, he laughed right along with us. He chose not to be unhappy that none of us respected him. Mark paid a heavy price for his self interested behavior. Though he was barley 30 years old, Mark suffered from frequent bouts of diarrhea, and I noticed that always noted the location of the nearest bathroom. He was an insomniac, suffered frequent, unusual rashes and muscle aches in his legs. I doubt that Mark had any insight into the relationship between his meanness toward others and the maladies that plagued him.

While Mark is an extreme example, most of us are bothered by little insults, small acts of lack of consideration and betrayals of trust placed in someone. In putting my father’s advice into practice, I found that I could exert much more control over my emotions than I previously thought.

Each of us can make a conscious decision to be in a state of bliss and I believe that as humans, bliss is our natural state. At some point, I found an ancient Chinese proverb that expressed my father’s intent, “show the strength of water as it flows, for to stand is to be crushed.”

When a bad event or situation confronts you and anger begins to rise up in you, imagine your anger flowing away as it slowly dissolves into peace. There is no eternal happiness, it is not necessary to work at making ourselves happy all the time but rather that we learn not to make ourselves unhappy all the time.

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