Clinton County 2011 Election Results

— The Clinton County Board of Elections has reported the initial results of the 2011 election races in Clinton County.

According to Board of Elections, 100 percent of districts had reported their results as of 10:55 p.m. The results are as follows:

In the race for State Supreme Court Justice, John A. Lahtinen is ahead with 8,678 votes. He is currently trailed by Robert J. Chauvin with 7,938 votes; Ann C. Crowell with 8,183 votes; and John M. Silvestri with 4,768 votes.

Unopposed Clinton County Clerk John H. Zurlo had 10,060 votes; unopposed Clinton County Coroner David F. Donah had 10,586 votes.

In the unopposed race for Area 1 Clinton County Legislator, Incumbent Harry J. McManus had 1,142 votes.

In the race for Area 2 Clinton County Legislator, Jonathan C. Beach had 1,096 votes and Shirley M. Durnin had 886 votes.

In the race for Area 3 Clinton County Legislator, Sam Dyer had 797 votes and E. Tom Sears had 741 votes.

In the race for Area 4 Clinton County Legislator, Sara E. Rowden had 1,254 votes.

In the race for Area 5 Clinton County Legislator, Peter F. Keenan had 736 votes and Sherman J. Hamel had 571 votes.

In the race for Area 6 Clinton County Legislator, unopposed Incumbent Robert W. Butler had 1,465 votes.

In the unopposed race for Area 7 Clinton County Legislator, Incumbent James R. Langley Jr. had 966 votes.

In the race for Area 8 Clinton County Legislator, Mark P. Dame had 546 votes; Sally Sears-Mack trailed closely with 426 votes; and James P. Carlin followed with 300 votes.

In the unopposed race for Area 9 Clinton County Legislator, John W. Gallagher had 335 votes.

In the unopposed race for Area 10 Clinton County Legislator, Robert W. Heins had 515 votes.

In the town of Altona, in the race for Town Supervisor: Incumbent Larry A. Ross had 292 votes and challenger Gregory M. Spinner had 276 votes. Town Councilman: Herbert O. Therrian had 389 votes; Ronnie P. Labarge had 341 votes; and Leslie A. Labarge had 309 votes. Unopposed: Highway Superintendent Frederick T. Therrian had 504 votes and Town Clerk Carole T. Relation had 473 votes.

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