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At a time when the economy was already struggling and in an area where critical mass does not exist in comparison to more populated regions, the new Champlain Lake Bridge stands today as shining monument to what people and government can accomplish when truly pressed for a quick realistic solution to a dire problem.

Perhaps like those who were here when the first Lake Champlain Bridge was erected in 1929, every time they went by the bridge or travel across its span they remembered what travel was like before the bridge stood. Never again in our life times will we ever take the bridge for granted nor forget those days before the Lake Champlain Ferry Transportation Company was able to restore a temporary passage across the lake. Never again will any us who depend on the bridge for our livelihoods, or even a day of relaxed travel ever forgot what life was like without that all important link.

And we should never forget all those who worked night and day through the frigid cold of our North Country winters, nor the blistering summer heat to restore the bridge. The bridge stands as a proud marker to the Bridge Coalition and all those who played a role in its restoration. None of us will ever cross this bridge or any bridge again without thinking of its importance to the people who live there and have come to depend so heavily on the strength of its existence.

True, heart felt “Appreciation” is a tremendous gift, and it’s the ribbon on top of that shining new bridge that once again graces our beautiful Lake Champlain. May we never again think of anything but true appreciation for it and those who helped make it happen whenever it comes into sight.

Dan Alexander is publisher and CEO of Denton Publications. He can be reached at dan@denpubs.com.

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