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To the Times of Ti:

Charles Harrington is running for Crown Point supervisor. An intelligent and educated man, he has been a teacher and businessman his entire adult life. From his business experience he knows the value of a dollar and how to use it efficiently. He has common sense and knows how to interact with people. He knows enough to seek guidance from those who have preceded him and take advantage of their experience and knowledge. He knows that whenever possible it is better for our town to hire local people with knowledge of our unique culture rather than out-of-towners.

Running for councilman is Charles Mazurowski. His 19 years of serve to Crown Point and 12 years as a supervisor are widely known and his experience cannot be questioned. We really need that expertise at this critical point in time in Crown Point.

Also running for councilman is Tara Peters. Because of the situation Crown Point is in financially, we feel Tara’s qualifications are impressive and fit the need. A bachelor’s degree in business management and experience as an auditor are just what we need to help put Crown Point back on solid footing. All small towns are struggling and someone with this kind of background will certainly help smooth out the rough spots our town is facing. We need experienced and educated people who know what they are doing, not people who are flying by the seat of their pants and expecting everything to work out OK.

You either understand finance or you don’t. Supervisor Kosmider and Councilman Dushane do not. Their blunders are costing the town of Crown Point money. Crown Point absolutely cannot afford another term with these two people making such important decisions with our money.

Please vote on Nov. 8. Vote for Harrington, Mazurowski, Peters and Wood.

Suzanne Harper, Crown Point

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