Trick or treat?

To the Times of Ti:

There’s a funny line from “Funny Girl,” where Barbara Streisand says, in her best Brooklynese, “. . . the dope’s been duped.” Gov. Cuomo’s endorsement of Ms. (Crown Point Supervisor Bethany) Kosmider brought this line to mind.

When you endorse someone, you’re saying: I approve, think highly of, favor, stand by or value this person. If your recommendation is well placed, everyone wins, but if not, there are consequences to all. To the person receiving such accolades, if she fails to live up to them because she is less than competent in her ability, I say it’s unfair to her because it places her in an untenable position, being in over her head, causing her much stress and humiliation.

And, is it fair to her constituents, who rely upon her judgments; decisions that affect our wallets and lifestyles? Someone wrote that there’s “standing room only” at her meetings, as though it were a good thing. Yes, there’s standing room only, but not because we’re experiencing great governance at work, but rather because everyone is curious to see Ms. Kosmider’s next train wreck, and, sadly, they’re never disappointed.

As for the governor, I recommend that he not rubber stamp everything that crosses his desk. I don’t want to see my governor look foolish, but when he endorses someone who doesn’t live up to even minimum expectations, it reflects poorly on him.

Endorsements should not be handed out like treats on Halloween; unless, governor, you’re playing a trick on the voters.

Mary Capek, Crown Point

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