Defeat Kosmider

To the Times of Ti:

In the decades we have lived in Crown Point, we have no memory of having to have security guards at the door of a town meeting. In her short time in office Bethany Kosmider so far has:

• Created chaos and dissension and divided the town.

• Stripped us of the right to vote on an issue we had a legal right to vote on.

• Fired a civil servant (certified) without a hearing and now we are having to pay for a lawsuit.

• Hired an out-of-town water/sewer person (not certified) and then had to pay someone to train him. (See town website).

• Abruptly fired two office employees yet still praised one for her good work. (See town website).

• Failed to make Monitor Bay a viable source of revenue (campaign promise).

• Started a website which we pay for every month and never kept it updated so we would know what was to be discussed at town meetings.

• Neglected to mention to the townspeople that the new assessors stated salary did not include FICA, etc.

• Hired security guards and a police escort home at taxpayer expense for the meeting held in July.

• Hired a more expensive lawyer from Glens Falls (by-passing cheaper local attorneys).

• Failed to file required monthly financial reports for months at a time (public record).

• Always has an excuse…”Somebody gave me the wrong figures” – “It’s the computer’s fault” – and probably the dog at her homework too.

We need to vote for Charles Harrington, Charles Mazurowski and Tara Peters and take back our town. Heed the battle cry and “Can the Kos.” Election Day is Nov 8.

Nancy S. MacKay, Crown Point

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