‘Coexistence or no existence’

To the Times of Ti:

There are a multitude of topics in our constantly evolving culture which have become extremely controversial. Everyone, we will assume for the moment, starts out with the best of intentions. They have unshakable faith in what they belief in their hearts to be true.

If you start talking with someone who does not share your particular perspective on a personally vital issue you might not be able to politely drop the topic and move on to something else less problematic. So, you persist on pushing forward with your own personal, deeply held perspectives. Emotions start to run wild and very quickly these intense feelings escalate into anger and hate. With blood vessels bulging in your face, you leave this verbal altercation behind, making mental notes of the seditious thoughts that have come to define your new enemy.

You go back to those who hold your ideology in common and you express the horrors of your most recent encounter. You reaffirm with one another that these thoughts are indeed abhorrent and that your way is the only way. All the members of your group go out and they do exactly the same thing that you have done.

We are now however, living in a time when years have been whittled down to nanoseconds and distance is meaningless. In a far shorter time than might have been expected two warring factions are face to face on the battle field and the young soldiers you have recruited think that they are on their Xboxes, but they are not are they? Now they must fight to the death in order to prove that you are right. Who is the winner here, can anyone see a winner out on the field?

That brings us now to an alternate option. Rewind a bit to the point where you started to feel your emotions run wild. Pause for a moment and count to three or perhaps to 10 if you have gotten yourself really worked up. While you are counting do a little multi-tasking and think! When, since the dawn of civilization, has anger and hate ever led to anything else other than yet another apocalyptic blood bath? Is this really what you want? I think not!

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