Be an informed voter

To the Times of Ti:

Election time is just a few weeks away, and we have an obligation to become informed before we enter the voting booth if we want to make wise choices. There are many ways to do that.

One is to ask questions of the right people, people with knowledge you can trust. Another is to go to meetings and become involved in what your town is doing, a third is simply to read available material whether it is past minutes from the board or something available on-line like comptroller’s report and assessments.

One place not to get information is from signs painted on plywood.

Bethany (Crown Point Supervisor Bethany Kosmider) has made mistakes which is expected from a first term in office with no prior experience or help; the errors and oversights of those who have held offices for over 20 years is another thing. Whether deceitful or just plain sloppy bookkeeping, mistakes cost all of us more money.

Crown Point is a town in turmoil, and we have an opportunity in November to return it to stability by re-electing those who have worked so hard to find the root cause of problems and make this a town we can be proud of.

The change to a single assessor has taken our focus off what is important. And even with that, who is to say if it was handled differently that the results would not have been the same?

I strongly suggest you go to osc.state.ny.us/localgov/audits/towns/2011/crownpoint.pdf and read the state comptroller’s report. It references the (town) board as well as our town clerk. If it is too long to read, at least read the second half. If you don’t have a computer ask your neighbor to print it off for you.

Become informed, then decide who you want to hold the office.

Still unsure? Pray about it, God may just be waiting to hear from you!

Kathy Caswell, Crown Point

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