Opportunity is knocking

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While Lewis boasted the benefits of eating organic, grass-fed beef, he was joined by many other local farms who share his concern regarding the local slaughter house. For local farmers who want to produce more than just the need of their own personal consumption, a nearby slaughter house is a must. Combine that concern with the interest in pursuing more organically raise livestock and a local modern slaughter house is at the center of the priority needs list.

All the farmers at the meeting expressed a concern for properly trained personnel at the slaughter house as well as the proper conditions being observed to control the livestock in a manner keeping with investment made by the farmer. With the proper protocol the organic animals would be serviced first, then after a sanitizing process, the grain fed animals would to taken last.

A slaughter house in the Park would go a long way to bringing back family farms and make them sustainable enterprises, resulting in a stronger economy and would be in a position to serve the many metropolitan areas in the northeast. In addition to meat products, if properly managed and marketed, the balance of the animal would not go to waste. Markets exist for the by-products such as hides, hooves and organs that in their own right could create spin off opportunities for even further growth.

At the root of any opportunity are people with passion and a vision, willing to take on the risk and seek a different path than taken by most. Mr. Tucker and Mr. Lewis exemplify the spirit of American entrepreneurs who see what could be and accept the challenge of creating change. The Adirondack economy is in serious need of securing a sustainable opportunity for the people who live here. Both these ideas deserve not only full consideration but our support and encouragement. Both these ideas fit perfectly in keeping with the park’s resources and at a time when society is overly focused on technology growth there will always be a need for farming, quality food, drink and relaxation.

Opportunity is knocking. Do we have the courage and the will to answer the call or will we be content with the status quo blaming others for our lack of a stable economy in the Adirondack Park?

Dan Alexander is publisher and CEO of Denton Publications. He can be reached at dan@denpubs.com.

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