Fresh approach needed

Wow! Another great editorial by Shirley Gadway, our Mooers town clerk. It’s very simple and obvious, a small group of Mooers officials are in fear of losing their current control, securing their self-interest ideas. I think a paid town clerk that’s unable to keep up with her clerical duties spends a great deal of time publishing her opinion and not actual facts. Enough is enough!

Mooers is a great community where everyone knows one another. Elected and appointed town officials should work closely with the people in order to best serve the town. As you drive down Main Street, take notice of all those empty buildings. Many of them vacant for quite some time. These will remain vacant due to some of our zoning laws and local officials. With no constructive plan in place, these homes and businesses will develop into and remain eye sores and safety concerns within the community. Of further concern is that these properties will see a drop in assessments, resulting in lower tax revenues; thus, transferring the tax burden to already strapped local tax payers.

In past years, local officials placed a restriction on certain types of businesses (for example, campgrounds) with little or no research to support this decision. These restrictions help eliminate possible competition for businesses owned by some of the town officials. A review of public records shows the Town Supervisor’s Secretary receiving nearly 10 percent pay increase from 2009 to 2010. She is currently over $42,000/year, and was recently approved for another raise.

In the financial shape this economy is in, where there are loss of jobs and pay cuts, this is just some of many bad biased decisions being made.

Mooers officials should best represent the people, not themselves. Mooers needs a fresh approach. Register, vote, and be heard.

Lester Juhasz


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