Do not override tax cap

To the Valley News:

On June 24, 2011 the New York State Senate passed historic property tax legislation that enacted a 2-percent cap on school, county, and town tax increases. This was a key victory for every homeowner who wanted to put a stop to skyrocketing tax bills and is extremely important for every family and individual who struggles to pay their constantly increasing tax, food, and utility bills.

Did you know that Essex County lawmakers and supervisors have decided they might have to override the tax cap in order to meet the ballooning county budget? In fact, they are currently working on a law to override the state’s 2-percent tax cap. There has also been talk at the town of Willsboro to override the cap. Do our elected leaders believe this override and increase of our taxes is in our best interest? Why aren’t they committed to staying within the tax levy limits and work to keep the budgets under control? Why do school tax cap overrides require 60-percent voter approval but county and town overrides can be done by an elected board and not the voters? Many politicians spend our money like it is a never-ending resource and then override laws enacted to protect us from their overspending!

We must speak out and take a stand if we want the tax cap to remain in effect! If they do it once they may do it again. Call your town supervisor today and tell him or her to vote no on overriding the law enacted to protect us and our hard earned money. Attend the public hearing on the tax-cap override at 6 p.m. Monday, Nov. 28. Don’t we deserve to keep the money that we work hard for?

Jon Steeves, Willsboro

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