Adirondack History Center ‘haunted’

Paranormal investigator reveals all at program

Is the ghost of Henry Debosnys looking to retrieve his remains from the museum?

Is the ghost of Henry Debosnys looking to retrieve his remains from the museum? Photo by Keith Lobdell.

The Adirondack History Center Museum in Elizabethtown is haunted.

That is the opinion of professional paranormal investigator Jim Thatcher, co-founder of the Champlain/Adirondack Paranormal Investigations (ChAPI) team, which conducted a July 1 investigation at the site.

“We came away from this investigation saying that there is paranormal activity here,” Thatcher said to those assembled at an Oct. 29 event at the center.

Thatcher said that potential proof of paranormal activity should not lead people to think of the movie with a like name.

“A haunting doesn’t mean anything except the existence of paranormal activity,” Thatcher said. “It does not mean that it is a bad thing, and I never had a feeling that there was a negative thing happening here. Whoever is here, they may just be here because they are, but they might want people to know that they are here.”

Thatcher said that there could be a number of people who have spent the afterlife at the museum as a way to stay close to a personal object or memorabilia. However, the number one suspect of the Adirondack History Center Museum is the man whose skull is located on the upper floor — Henry Debosnys.

“Henry was the last person to be hung in Essex County,” Thatcher said. “Somehow, his skull made it here and is in a case up on the upper floor.”

Thatcher said that there was evidence collected that made him believe that Debosnys could be one of the specters in question, because while they were using an audio tape, the sound of breathing could be heard when the recorder was placed on the display case holding the skull.

“There was no one in the room, and with floors as old as these, you would have heard if someone had tried to walk in there,” Thatcher said. “Since that is where we caught the EVP (Electric Voice Phenomenon) right there, it would tend to make you think it may have been Henry.”

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