Neighbors help Thurman residents stranded by road washouts, highway employees work on road repairs

Wood said that neighbors had been seen walking through deep floodwaters to get to neighbors to offer help, bring in groceries, or check on their welfare.

"Everybody's finding ways to help others out," she said.

Wood said one man was driving a bucket loader around, filling in deep washouts on people's driveways so they could get out.

Also, people with access to nearby towns loaned their vehicles to those stranded on the other side of washouts, she added. Reports were heard of people leaving keys in the ignition for townspeople to use in an emergency.

Others were merely calling on folks they knew had medical issues to see if they were okay.

Evelyn Wood, 75, of Garnet Lake Road -- who relies on an oxygen machine -- was among those called. She said mid-morning Sunday that Jean Coulard, president of the Thurman Emergency Squad, called her to make sure she was okay.

The emergency squad headquarters, however, was cut off from most of the townsfolk by washouts on High Street and other roadways. Wood said that for some time, the squad was stranded.

Town officials said that the Thurman Town Hall basement was flooded with about a foot of water, and a sump pump was keeping the water level below a foot deep. The Harris House, which hosts various town functions, also had several feet of water in the basement, and a hallway was flooded, it was reported.

Wood said that at one point Sunday morning, she saw a fish floundering in the roadway by the town hall, and a town empoloyee threw it back into a nearby stream.

Sunday, Wood had been up since 6 a.m. surveying damage and trying to get in touch with people to see if they were okay. She said that she had gone through three sets of boots, and over the last 24 hours, she had gotten her jeans wet up to her hips, wading through floodwaters.

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