Turning Back the Pages

Cannonball found under bridge

Otto Quist of Glens Falls and Royal Smith of South Glens Falls were hunting for stones Saturday under the Glens Falls bridge over the Hudson River and found a cannonball that is doubtless a relic of early wars.

The men were looking for round stones for a building project at the new Finch and Pruyn office and had a long pole with nails at such an angle that they would fasten over the stone and hold it. The cannonball, which is 3 inches in diameter and weighs nearly 9 pounds, was found in the bowl-like hole commonly called the "Devil's Punch Bowl." The relic was badly rusted but grooves had been worn by its constant rubbing against the rocks in the bottom of the hole.

In other Glens Falls news, while returning home on a Hudson Valley trolley car at 11 p.m. May 30, 1911 from Glen Lake, Paul Enches, of 112 South St., received a bad cut on his right foot when a trolley wheel fell from the pole and crashed through the roof of the car. The wheel, a heavy copper one, fell with full force on the toes and instep of his foot, crushing and lacerating them. He was removed to Glens Falls Hospital.

Saving Lake George fish

Assemblyman Brereton is working to broaden the new law against trolling from motor boats on Lake George waters for fish to include legislation for the measure of limiting the total catch from any one boat in any one day to 25 or 30 pounds of fish. People along the shore of the lake support his cause but petitions in Ticonderoga are being gathered to oppose this measure.

Regional news briefs

A moving picture company is arranging to reproduce the attack of Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain boys at Fort Ticonderoga. The picture will be made on the original old fort grounds and 150 men garbed in the dress of soldiers of that day, with horses and other auxiliaries to be engaged in the scenes. (Note: What a historic treasure that 100-year-old movie must be. Does it still exist?)

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