South of the Border

I know several readers will wonder why I dare bring up the U.S. border security crisis in our little community newspaper. Well,there's a very local angle to this powder keg topic: Vermont has a growing number of illegal immigrants-er, undocumented workers, if I may be P.C.-at work; just ask our law enforcement officers about the problem. But then didn't President Obama tell us last week that our southern border is secure?

Well, even if President Obama sincerely believes our border with Mexico is secure, he has-as the late actor-singer and television mogul Dezi Arnaz (a very legal and very patriotic Latin American immigrant) used to say, tongue-in-cheek, to wife Lucille Ball-a lot of "'splainin'" to do. A majority of Americans no longer believe the President on this issue.

A new poll conducted by Rasmussen following the President's Texas-border speech about immigration shows a big majority of (legal) American residents disagree with his rosy view of the border. How does a 64 percent majority grab ya? Yes, 64 percent of likely voters surveyed by Rasmussen are not convinced that our southern border is secure. This poll also found that 30 percent believed the border is "somewhat secure". Not very assuring if you're the President, I would think. But then this President has never been bothered by his well-known tin ear.

Of course, it's not too surprising to find the Rasmussen poll went right down party lines-that is, 51 percent of Democrats believe the border is secure while 86 percent of Republicans believe it's a big mess.

But here's the big stick-in-the-eye for the President and those who believe our border doesn't need fixing: 65 percent of Rasmussen's surveyed voters classify themselves as independents and these folks do not-not-believe our southern border is secure.

This President has a strange view of illegal immigration as do many of his most rabid Democrat supporters, some Republicans, and media apologists. But as last week's poll indicates, many Americans are growing weary with Mexican violence spilling over on to our side of the desert line.

But you will find strange bed fellows when it comes to the immigration debate: most Democrats and even some pinstripe Republicans seem to find common ground by supporting the endless flood of illegals. And why's that? Well, Democrats see a vast new pool of voters and the pinstripe Republicans see lots of cheap labor that will never be able to unionize. So, what do the illegals have to say about all this? Not much. They're lost in the shadows, pawns on a national political chess board.

It's all such a mess-a shameful mess.

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