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The Essex County Republican, May 1880

ESSEX - Possibly your Willsboro correspondent, who seems happy over the fact that a single merchant in W. has received more goods at the Willsboro' depot than all the Essex merchants together, may not know that we have a freight depot in Essex, where a large part of the goods sold here are brought by boat. The hit on the Horse Nail Factory did not hurt anybody, although we are a little sensitive on that subject. We have been disappointed because of failures encountered hitherto, but perhaps they will do us good. Any rate everything looks well now. The business has taken a new and apparently a favorable turn. We of Essex rejoice in the prosperity of Willsboro". Her merchants were largely trained in Essex; one of her pulp mills is run by an essex man; her forge is owned and run by a native and almost life-long resident of Essex; the water to carry her machinery comes from Essex; Essex has quite largely educated her sons and daughters. Finally as the preacher says, her roads all lead towards Essex. In view of these facts it is natural that we should rejoice over the prosperity of Willsboro.

BOSTON - The Panorama, that has been the cause of not a little excitement, as we find by looking over the Boston papers, is in full blast in the literary metropolis of New England. We copy the following notice as evidence the most positive that we have tidings of the Panorama.

Y. M. C. Union-Adirondacks and the Great Ausable Chasm. The announcement that an exhibition (with full description of Prof. Ellenwood's large paintings of scenery in the Adirondacks and Great Ausable Chasm would be given filled the Union Hall last evening with members and lady friends-the above very attractive and instructive programme having been provided by the committee as the regular Wednesday evening entertainment of the week. These series of paintings by Prof. Ellenwood are the work of more than twenty years faithful study of the wildest and most grand and romantic natural scenery east of the Rocky Mountains, and were executed by a skillful artist, who has made a life work of painting fine landscapes, having studied the art in Germany, Italy and Paris, and in this country under Church. Each painting is a valuable work of art, and would make a fine parlor scene. The descriptive lecture by Prof. Keese was especially interesting and instructive to all.

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