APA trying to tip the scales of justice

This just seems plain wrong to me! From a very young age, we've been taught to respect authority. This land of the free we all treasure so dearly was built on the concept of a judicial system that provided equality and fairness and was blind to the rich and powerful and governmental overreach. It's a simple concept that is known and understood worldwide.

Then why is Sandy Lewis being treated so unfairly? After proving in court and through appeal that the Lewis Family Farm in Essex was well within its right to construct housing for its workers, New York State now seeks to have the final chapter of this case removed from the record, as though it never took place.

Never took place? That's right, the state wants to pretend this case never happened. They want no record of their failure of driving the costs much higher than was needed and then removal all record of it's reimbursement of those legal costs to the Lewis Family Farm.

It's clear that the Adirondack Park Agency doesn't have an appetite for being told it was wrong. This outrageous move would be like the New England Patriots a few years back, after posting an undefeated season heading into the Super Bowl, and then after losing to the New York Giants in that final game, declaring the game never took place and remaining undefeated.

The arrogance of this move goes far beyond any definition of fairness or justice. In a nutshell, the state has now been told by the courts that they must reimburse the Lewis Family Farm for at least a portion of the legal expenses incurred defending themselves against the actions brought by the APA. Ah, but wait. The state wants one more chance to tip the scales of justice. Before any reimbursement is awarded, the record on making this payment must disappear. No removal, no check.

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