Turning Back the Pages

He was arraigned before Justice Andrus on a charge of manslaughter in the second degree. He pleaded not guilty and was released on a bail of $5,000 to await the grand jury which will meet May 22, 1911.

(Note: Rev. Grieves was grief-stricken and so upset after the accident that he vowed he would sell everything he owned and turn the entire proceeds over to the bereaved parents of little Mary Maginn in an effort to comfort them.

He sold his automobile, which he refused to ever ride in again after the accident and he placed on the market a cottage on the campgrounds at Riverside which he owned. He steadfastly maintained that the accident was not the result of his alleged carelessness. No indictment was made by the Grand Jury and the child's parents stated that they had no desire to press charges.)

Earthmoving project

For a considerable number of years a frequent subject for argument in uptown Warrensburgh sitting places where men congregate has been whether or not it would be a wise plan to cut off the top of the hill which extends from the News office to the residence of Postmaster Robert Murray on Elm Street and deposit the dirt on School Street in front of the high school building where it would effect a great improvement by raising the level of the street above the pond of water which accumulates there in extremely wet weather such as we have not had within the memory of older inhabitants in their teens.

The "No's" were beaten but not conquered, for they still insist that the project calls for an outlay of the town's highway funds which could be used in many other more favorable ways. The powers that be have instructed George Washington Farrar, Town Superintendent of Highways, to go ahead with the work and the improvement is under way. (Note: the Warrensburgh News office in 1911 was on Elm Street, south of the bandstand. Apparently the mound of dirt was moved, considering that the area now exhibits merely a gentle slope. School St. is today called Stewart Farrar Avenue.)

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