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Bloody cure for melancholy

Driven to desperation by extreme nervousness and suffering from melancholy induced by a long period of ill health, Mrs. John A. Manning of Brooklyn attempted to commit suicide May 31, 1911 in her room at the Warren House in Warrensburgh by cutting her throat with her husband's razor. She succeeded in making an ugly wound in the left side of her throat when her husband was awakened by her movements and wrested the keen-edged weapon from her grasp. Dr. Griffin was summoned and sewed up the gash which was about three inches long but not deep.

Mr. Manning stated that his wife underwent a serious operation in a New York hospital about five years ago and has since been in poor health. She resolved to seek health among the mountains here and about a month ago she came to stay at Henry Cameron's boarding house in Thurman. She failed to improve and telegraphed her husband to join her and he came at once to Glens Falls and than made the trip to Warrensburgh on the trolley. They decided to stay for a few days at the Warren House where she appeared to improve.

Mrs. Manning could give no explanation for her actions except to say she was temporarily insane. (Note: The Warren House hotel stood on the lot just south of the former Potter's Diner.)

Man wracked with sorrow

The Rev. Thomas O. Grieves, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Greenwich and well known in the Warrensburgh locality, ran down with his automobile 8-year-old Mary Maginn Saturday night May 13, 1911 and inflicted injuries which resulted in her death at the hospital later that night.

The incident occurred in Saratoga Springs. Pastor Grieves' automobile is a powerful touring car.

Rev. Grieves was running up Broadway about 9 o'clock p.m. and made a sharp turn into a side street driving his machine directly into the throngs of people passing along the crosswalk. The child was walking with her mother who was struck first and thrown to one side and badly shaken up. The automobile passed over the little girl fracturing her skull and jaw. The clergyman carried the little victim to the hospital in his automobile and than drove to police headquarters where he gave himself up.

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