Sunshine: being sure not to get too much of a good thing

"We can't do enough as far as the ozone is concerned," she said.

The most important element of skin care is prevention and education, said Rovers.

"Eighty percent of the sun damage you get is before the age of 18," she emphasized.

Consequently, Rovers said she is proud to participate in local school programs that educate youth concerning the impact of sun damage.

Pollard mirrors this educational effort for her own clients.

"As far as the sun, I always tell them that there are more chances of skin cancer, because these are all known facts that the ozone layer is depleting," said Pollard.

Knowledge of the damages of the sun are becoming widespread. A trend Pollard is increasingly noticing in the beauty industry.

"The majority of the moisturizer, and even your liquid makeups have some sort of protection, an SPF anywhere from 12 to 25 in the product itself - which already tells you the retail market is doing something," she said.

Moreover, Pollard predicts increased knowledge will lead to the demise of the tanning industry.

"In the next five years there will be no tanning booths, as they're finding more and more problems," she claimed.

The most important element of sun exposure for Pollard is protection.

"The trick to is not so much what you put on, it's how you put it on," she emphasized, "You constantly have to reapply."

Despite the potential dangers of the sun, Lutinksi stressed the merits of sun exposure.

"Getting exposed to the sun is very important for vitamin D absorption. A vitamin D deficiency can actually put a person and an increased change at cancer," he said.

According to Lutinki, minimal sun exposure is beneficial, and necessary for those living in the North Country.

"It all depends on the amount of exposure - going out in the sun for 15 to 20 minutes in the sun without protection is perfectly safe, and might even be helpful," said Lutinski.

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