Prospect Hill returns to town with 'energetic' sound

PLATTSBURGH - It's nearly 300 miles from Prospect Hill's stomping grounds in Methuen, Mass., but the trip to Plattsburgh is one the band enjoys making.

The band - which consists of Adam Fithian on vocals, Edgar Troncoso on bass and vocals, Derek Rousseau on guitar, and Mark Roberge on drums -prides itself on bringing its rock/alternative sound to town that is "very unique with a lot of familiarity," said Roberge.

"We always get people saying, 'Your sound is familiar but I cant tie it to another band,'" he said.

That's because each of the guys in the band listens to many different genres of music, said Roberge. Aerosmith, The Who, Michael Jackson, Korn, Godsmack, Staind - all are bands they listen to, rounding out their own sound.

"We take a lot of influences in," he said. "I was and still am a big hip-hop fan which most people pick up on when they hear my drumming."

Having many different influences helps diversify their "melodic, catchy, and energetic" sound, added Roberge.

"When we write music we have one goal and that is to write a great song that doesn't sound like the last one we wrote," he said. "We all can agree that the worst records are the ones that sound like one big song."

"I think our unique sound differs from all bands," said Rousseau, "I would have to say from the reaction of fans after playing 500 plus shows in the last four years makes our live show stand out above anything else."

Prospect Hill has played Plattsburgh "many times," said Roberge, performing shows at the Green Room. The crowds are what keep them coming back, said Rousseau.

"We love Plattsburgh fans," he said.

The band will be returning to town this weekend as part of a series of shows they've been playing in recent months. And, the schedule doesn't stop after that.

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