Outdoor activities ideal for springtime

Once winter has come and gone, adults and children alike are typically anxious to get outside and soak up some spring sun. Few things are as rejuvenating as those first few spring days, when the harsh winter weather is instantly forgotten and the smell of fresh grass is comfortably overwhelming.

When saying "so long" to cabin fever this spring, consider the following outdoor activities that are sure to put a spring in your step.


Many golf courses re-open in the spring. Though some public courses stay open throughout the winter, the majority of courses do close once the weather becomes too unbearable for golfers to endure or too detrimental to the course's landscape. Depending on how harsh the winter was and the forecast for spring, golf courses typically re-open their links as early as the first week of March. Even if your favorite course doesn't open quickly enough, you can still dust off your swing with a visit to the local driving range.


Many fishermen feel like fishing season never ends, choosing to simply add another layer of clothing when the temperatures drop rather than pack it up and wait till spring. For the hobbyist, however, spring is typically a time to find a favorite fishing hole and get back to business. How successful a fishing trip will be typically depends on a host of factors, including water temperature. Oftentimes, the local newspaper will list the water temperature of the area's favorite fishing areas. Once nature decides to cooperate, get outside and enjoy the first catch of the season.


Perhaps thanks to seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, cycling has grown increasingly popular stateside in the 21st century. Many communities have cycling groups for riders of varying skill levels, and such groups typically hit the pavement once the spring season arrives. When joining a group, be sure to join one that's suited to your skill level. If cycling alone, be patient at the beginning and don't stray too far. Remember, you'll eventually need to turn around and start pedaling home.

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