Electronic waste drive Wednesday to help reduce, reuse, recycle

The result of their education, said Dumas, has been the Scouts developing a more intense focus on doing their part for the environment.

"They're really into the reduce, reuse, recycle effort and saving the planet," said Dumas. "They're excited about doing something to make the world a better place."

And, one way the Scouts have decided they can help is by hosting an electronic waste drive, collecting old electronics, computers, televisions and even batteries to be recycled. The event - to be held Wednesday, May 25 - is one Scouts like Aislyn McDonough and Tabitha Parent feel will help make a difference.

"If they just throw all their electronic waste out, it might go into the ground and ruin the soil," said McDonough. "So, if the farmers try to grow crops, it'll take the nutrition out of the crops and could make people sick."

"Reducing, reusing and recycling waste is good for the land because if you put it in the landfill, the chemicals will go into the land and pollute the groundwater and the water you use to drink," said Parent.

Samantha Disco, also a member of the local Junior Girl Scout Troop, said reducing what's in the earth's waste stream can also help recycling efforts.

"If they were just going to throw [old electronic equipment] out, it'd just be a waste," she said. "But, if they recycle it, [the waste] could be made into something useful."

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