An inventive way to save you money

Operating a business in this economy has become very challenging. One must constantly be looking at reinventing your company and your product offerings to remain competitive and provide value to those who purchase the products you are selling.

Unlike most newspapers that require a paid subscription in order to receive the paper, our business model changed years ago from a "paid" model to a "free newspaper" model based on generating sufficient advertising revenues from local businesses to support the costs associated with publishing and the distribution of over 70,000 papers each week.

Over that last few years, we've seen local businesses closing their doors and cut back on their advertising budgets. Coupled with rising operating and postal costs, we know that advertising revenues alone may not support our publishing efforts in the future. We've been looking for alternative revenue sources that allow us to meet the mission of stimulating the local economy while providing valuable information to our readers.

I think we've found a concept that will save you money, stimulate the local economy and at the same time allow us to maintain and grow our coverage of local news, sports and events. We've asked our readers on several occasions for a "voluntary subscription" to the free paper you were already receiving. Many of our readers responded, and through their voluntary subscription, endorsed our efforts to print and deliver a free newspaper each week.

As I looked at that idea again, as a short-term bridge until the economy picks back up, I also realized that our readers, too, are struggling right now, and asking them to share some our burden didn't sit well with the Denton vision of being a community service. After mulling around several concepts and ideas, I came across the nation's largest coupon clipping service that, by their design, provides hundreds of money-saving manufacturers' coupons that are as good as cash.

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