Paterson talks Cuomo, sports, and the Adirondacks

When it comes to Cuomo, Paterson offers nothing but praise, noting that his ability to rally lawmakers and deliver an on-time budget earlier this year was nothing short of a miracle.

"I think we haven't seen anything like Governor Cuomo - I mean in my lifetime," he said. "He reduced double digits, billions of dollars, and he did it without taxing anyone. And he did it without borrowing. It's incredible. And really, if you think about it, he did it without much fighting in that period of time."

Paterson himself tried to pressure lawmakers into making sweeping cuts in order to control a ballooning deficit. But he says some Albany-insiders worked against him publicly, even though in private, they knew he was right.

"There are a number of people who I knew that knew we were in a crisis - they deliberately resisted the attempts to get the state back on track," Paterson said. "And it wasn't always ethical the way they did it."

Still, Paterson says he pleased with the effort he put forth while in office.

He also credits the Assembly and the Senate for pulling together on this year's budget, noting that during his tenure, so much time was spent on budgeting that other issues were left on the backburner.

This year, Paterson thinks Cuomo will successfully tackle ethics reform, as well as several other high priority matters.

"So he's made it clear that it's one of his three priorities right now - along with property tax cap and marriage equality," he said. "And I wouldn't bet against the fact that he could get them all done by the end of this session. That would be truly remarkable. But he certainly has a chance to get it done."

With politics firmly set in the rearview, Paterson hopes to use his gift for public speaking in a new forum.

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