Paterson talks Cuomo, sports, and the Adirondacks

During a brief trip to the Adirondacks, former New York Governor David Paterson said his successor is doing a great job in Albany.

Paterson was the keynote speaker Sunday as Paul Smith's College graduated its 64th class.

Following commencement, Paterson spoke candidly about a variety of subjects, including Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the Adirondacks, and making a guest appearance on New York City sports radio.

Though he was only in the Adirondacks for a few hours over the weekend, Paterson said he's made a point to visit the Park whenever he has time.

"It's a wonderful part of New York," he said. "I was in government for 20 years and had never really taken advantage of it. Once I came up here around 2001, 2002 - it's a place you've got to come back to from time to time. It's as nice as any other place in the country."

Paterson left office in December 2010 following a tumultuous two-year stint in the Governor's Mansion. He rose to the position after Eliot Spitzer was forced to resign amid a prostitution scandal.

His rise to New York's top political post coincided with one of the worst economic downturns the state or the nation has ever experienced. Add to that several legal dust-ups, including allegations that he tried to cover up a domestic abuse incident involving one of his top aides, and his term as governor was anything but a walk in the park.

And although Paterson feels a strong calling to serve in public office, he says for now, he won't be venturing back into politics.

"There's a lot that your family goes through," Paterson said. "You never get to tell your side of the story. It's just a continuing aggravation, and it gets worse and worse. And it gets even more difficult the higher you seek. I think a lot of things happened to my family and to me that we'll leave to the universe, but I'm sure I don't want to revisit that kind of situation again."

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