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For the second month in a row the Hudson River was the big story, as April 2011 will long be remembered as the month of the big flood. In March, it was a large ice jam that was the center of attention. That produced a very high gauge reading of 12.19 feet, which seemed like a new record only to have it easily eclipsed by a reading of 13.65 feet April 28. A combination of heavy warm rains and significant snow melt created the perfect storm for record high water. This is certainly one month that many will never forget.

The average high temperature was 52 degrees and the average low was 32.4 degrees, giving us an average of 42.2 degrees, only .6 degrees less than normal. The month seemed much colder than normal as snow was so often seen, but warmer temperatures near the end of the month pulled up the average. This was the seventh consecutive month with below normal temperatures. The highest temperature of 76 degrees was recorded April 28 and the lowest temperature of 19 degrees was recorded April 7.

Melted precipitation for the month was 6.72 inches - 3.00 inches above normal and the third most on record. The wettest April was in 2005 when 7.58 inches was recorded and the driest was in 1999 when only .63 inches fell. Our seasonal total is now 18.43 inches - 6.02 inches above normal. April is the second month in a row with over six inches of rain. There was measurable precipitation on 21 days with the greatest amount of 2.23 inches falling on the April 26.

Snowfall was only 1.5 inches, which was 2.6 inches below normal. However, there was a period of time from April 17 -24 when it snowed for six of the eight days with only a trace amount here in Riparius but measurable amounts in other parts of town. Our seasonal total is now 92.8 inches, which is 14.3 inches above the normal of 78.5 inches.

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