The killing of Osama

Folks are cheering and smiling-they're lauding Osama's death. I understand it can only be a good thing, but what the killing has me thinking about are the two main players in the drama, Osama and Obama.

Start with Obama. What a guy. He pulls the Osama kill off like a champ, like a battle-tested field marshall. And what is this Barack really? Just a guy, like you and I.

He didn't know his Pop well. His Ma wasn't around a lot, so his Gram raised him pretty much. I heard she had a couple of bucks which didn't hurt. He's sharp as a gimlet or at least smart enough to get into highbrow schools. He did well in the schools, gets out, does some community work here and there, connecting to people (I'll assume more of the right ones then wrong ones which is a talent). He gets elected to the U.S. Senate and through hard work and a clever game plan, mountains of help; perfect timing; gets elected U.S. President. I mean wow, that is impressive. I'm not BSing here my friends. That is impressive.

I've always been impressed and aware of the course of Barack's life, but until I saw the May 1 photo of the White House Situation Room watching the hunt for Osama unfold did it hit me that-son of a cuss-he's just a fella not too far distant from us; he was playing the '70s kid's game called "Battleship" (but he was playin' for real, man).

And the folks with him in the photo are less far separate from us. The gang in that room have to be pinching themselves over the fact that living a Hollywood blockbuster themed existence is their job. Good on 'em.

I also appreciate G.W. Bush's role in the hunt. Everyone agrees he and his gang worked hard and long on Osama. Obama himself said it. I just heard Obama invited Bush to stand with him at an event celebrating the family's of the folks who fell on September 11th, and I think it's totally great Bush is taking a pass and not attending (so is Clinton). His day is behind him now, he doesn't need to be there to distract from whatever there is to be celebrated. He's cool enough to give Obama and his gang their due without having to say, "Hey, I had a lot to do with this." Seems Bush knows he did his work-and for him, that's enough.

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