Turning Back the Pages

Shocking murders prompt fear

The headless bodies of two babies, girls about seven months old and apparently twins, were found sewed up in a sack and concealed in the mouth of an abandoned mine at Mineville. The gruesome discovery was made by some boys who were playing ball near the Old Bed pit. They lost their ball and when they went hunting for it they came upon the sack. It was carefully sewed up.

Being curious, the boys opened it and were horrified to find the poor little bodies so cruelly mutilated and they hastened with their find to the home of Dr. R.T. Saville.

The bodies were in good condition and it is of the opinion that they had not been dead for more than three weeks. It has been impossible to identify them but strong suspicions prevail. A rigid investigation is being made to bring the brutal murderers to justice.

Small town heroes

A number of boys riding their bicycles near the Warrensburgh Fairgrounds the afternoon of May 12, 1911 saw a column of smoke rising into the air behind the high fence on the south side of the grounds. They investigated and found a lively little blaze just getting a start in the edge of the woods on the property of Dr. Cyrus S. Merrill. The flames were creeping through the pine needles and dry grass covering the ground and -fanned by a stiff breeze -were advancing toward the Warren County Fair Association's property about 30 feet away.

The boys tried to beat the fire out but when unable to do so, several went for help while the others continued to fight the flames. A force of firefighters soon gathered and under the direction of Jim Harrison, caretaker of the Merrill property, they soon had it under control. Had the distance from the fairgrounds fence been less the flames would have undoubtedly swept away every building on the fairgrounds property. It is thought that a carelessly dropped cigarette or cigar stub might have caused the blaze.

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