Rain reprieve for allergy sufferers?

PLATTSBURGH- The local weather has been permeated with precipitation these last weeks, to the delight, and dismay of allergy sufferers.

Rain evidences itself as a cleanse for those suffering spring allergies according to TheWeatherChannel.com.

"Rain can bring welcome relief for allergy sufferers, if it rains heavy enough that is... a good heavy rain can clean the air for the hours during and after it falls."

Dr. Jay K. Bhasin of Plattsburgh contradicts this correlation however, linking rain and increased allergies.

"Having a lot of rain helps spread allergen's more easily," saidBhasin.

This counterargument notes increased growth due to wet conditions. Allergies which are already existent, are exacerbated by the weather.

"Usually rain is in springtime, and spring and fall are the biggest allergy seasons,"noted Bhasin.

Plattsburgh weather has caused a "heightened number of allergy issues in the office," acknowledged Bhasin.

Bill Watson, a local pharmacist at Kinney Drugs, disagreed with Bhasin's claims, saying allergy prevalence is normal for the season.

"We're at the cusp of the season anyway... but Icertainly don't' think its due to increased rain," he said.

For Watson, the only existent danger involves flooding.

"If people don't get the water out, there will be mold and mildew, which many people have a sensitivity to."

Excluding pharmaceutical remedies, Bhasin remarked that little can be done.

"For the rain there's not a whole lot you can do - it's Mother Nature." For those suffering from allergies, or who believe they may be suffering allergy symptoms Bhasin stressed visiting one's doctor.

"A lot of people don't know what their allergic to," he said.

Allergy sufferers seem doomed regardless of weather conditions, as Bhasin explained the prevalence of allergen's in all seasons.

"The rain can make it worse," said Bhasin, "but allergies are so common and widespread that you will get them in all kinds of weather."

Mary Weinstein is a correspondent for Denton Publications.She may be reached at mary@denpubs.com.

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